Not Just IT Support

Our management team are experienced IT managers, who bring to the table a complete philosophy for managing the IT and communication requirements of an organisation. We don’t just provide IT Support, but also IT and Communications management, strategy, vendor negotiation, and mentoring.

IT Management, Consultation and Advice

Internal IT Mentoring and Augmentation

We can work with your existing staff to add capacity and provide mentoring & development to grow your internal capabilities.

Strategy and Planning

Taking a strategic approach to your IT means we can build a technology plan around your goals, or ensure your IT is scalable and flexible to grow quickly with a fast-changing business.

Analysis and Evaluation

Choosing a solution that provides the best value is a complex challenge businesses face. We can work with you to understand business requirements, define project scope, and evaluate and select the most appropriate solution.

Solution Deployment

We can work with external providers to keep the implementation of your solution on track, or use our internal team to deliver a broad range of solutions.

Vendor Management

We work with and manage your other IT and communications vendors on your behalf to ensure you get the best experience. No finger pointing, just peace of mind.

IT Support and Managed Services Features

IT Service Desk

Our service desk team is only an email or call away, ready to help your staff when they need it.

Onsite IT Support

Regular site visits to ensure everything is running smoothly and address any issues that need an onsite presence.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Routine maintenance and 24/7 monitoring to identify potential issues before they occur.


Scheduled backups with routine testing to minimise your risk of data loss.

Cloud Services

The cloud is meant to make things easier; we can help you make sure it is.

Work From Home

Our team can help your staff to work effectively no matter where they are.


Security is frequently overlooked. We believe it is fundamental

Microsoft 365

Extensive experience with the applications and services you use everyday.

What Makes Us Different

Security First

IT security is frequently overlooked. We believe it is fundamental. Our Office 365 plans include the setup and maintenance of proven security methods which we feel are imperative in the fight against hacking and identity theft.

No Finger Pointing

We understand that it can be frustrating for a client to outsource their technology, and then be expected to mediate between multiple technology vendors who blame each other. We advocate being the single, reliable point of contact for all items related to the IT and Comms systems. We feel it is our responsibility to manage and directly communicate and collaborate with related vendors to get a positive result.

Managed Services Benefits

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